Travelling as a gay person can be very dangerous in some countries.  Like any other person, gay people have the right to travel and discover new horizons. It is therefore important as a gay person to prepare your trip so that it is perfect

Choose the best destination

Many countries in the world are still against homosexuality. When you are gay in these countries, or just travelling to these destinations, you can be violently attacked. It is therefore important to choose your destination carefully so that you do not face these inconveniences related to sexual orientation. All you need to do is to check out the various websites available for the cause and make a detailed list of the various potential destinations you are visiting. There are several destinations in the world such as France, Canada and Spain where homosexuality is not a taboo. You should also be aware that your choice should not be focused solely on gay-friendly destinations. You should also take into account the discovery and tourism in these countries. A trip is above all a means of distribution and discovery. So you have to be picky about these things too.

Make contact with the local gay community

In every country where homosexuality is a normal sexual orientation, there is a gay community. When you get in touch with the gay community in your chosen destination, they will be able to guide you to ensure a very successful trip. You will be able to discover the best resorts in the area, the best restaurants for breathtaking food as well as party halls, bars and other entertainment venues. It’s also a great way to meet new people of the same sexual orientation as you and make new connections. If you’re going on this trip with your gay partner, all you have to do is get settled in and follow the instructions of the people already there. Follow these tips and your gay trip will be a success.



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